4 Strings - The Eurodance Era.

4 Strings is currently composed of Carlo Resoort (who mainly does the music) and Jan De Vos (who mainly works on production and arrangements, and performs a few songs). In 2004, there were rumours of the departure of singer Vanessa van Hemert, due to the release of new songs from 4 Strings that did not feature Van Hemert. On the official website of 4 Strings, Resoort denied these rumours. Although in 2005 Vanessa van Hemert did indeed leave the band. Although Jan De Vos is not really part of 4 Strings, he has taken the name DJ 4 Strings and does all the live performances instead of the current band.

The cult album: Believe

4 Strings aka Carlo Resoort, the producer who gave us Take Me Away and Diving to name but a few, presents his first artist album; released on Ultra Records. Carlo Resoort’s debut album aka 4 Strings is here, released on Ultra Records this week. It is a beautiful collection of trance tracks from the producer previously associated with Rank 1, including previous hits such as Take Me Away, Diving and Day Time. The Intro is exactly what you would expect. An accapella from Take Me Away plays for a minute before imploding into the song that blew up the trance scene a little over a year ago Take Me Away (Into the Night). Take Me Away doesn’t really need any introduction, except to say that it’s one of Carlo’s strongest productions, in my opinion, in years. Revelation is a track that has been labeled “4 Strings vs Carlo Resoort – Revelation” on recent DJ sets. And as you may already know, 4 Strings is another name for Carlo Resoort. This track (and in fact the entire album) is a vocal trance featuring the talents of Dutch singer Vanessa van Hemert, who has one of the most versatile trance voices in the industry today. Then there is Fly Away, a piano piece reminiscent of pre-2001 trance, with the great Euro style. Let It Rain is the next track, which starts with a 50-second accapella before taking off in a very Blank & Jones production, with euro-riffs, breakbeat samples and a powerful bass line. I am personally a fan of the vocal tracks, so I might have a certain bias for the vocals on this album, but I know that many of you find vocal trance too commercial. Nevertheless, let’s move on to something else; we have another track that we all know, High on Life and Summer Sun. 

There were too many voices throughout the album, which makes it almost a European dance album from Alice Deejay’s time and although there are a few tracks that are worth listening to, there are others that I just went through and followed. For those of you who love singing, you will certainly enjoy this, but for the rest of the community you might decide that it is not for you.