Casa Marbrisa - Acapulco

Mexico, this time with the Casa Arango in Acapulco. A breathtaking view of the Pacific Ocean bordering the city of Acapulco in southwestern Mexico. Architect John Lautner had it designed in a single year, between 1972 and 1973. The project was initiated in 1970 under the label of House where the family of Arango Jeronimo, nicknamed the “Mexican gentleman”, would live. The decision to collaborate with Lautner became obvious after he became aware of the Elrod House, a former project of the architect. As a reminder, it was the house that was used as the location for the film “Diamonds Are Forever” with Sean Connery in the role of James Bond. The features: a two-storey concrete structure, a 2300 square metre building. Stone, concrete, glass are pure elements that blend well with the environment. The curved and sloping concrete roof anchors itself to the hill at one end, then sweeps over the house and driveway and returns to the hill at the other end. The roof is low on the hill side and high on the bay side, providing a breathtaking view of the sky and ocean. The upper floor, which serves as a living and entertainment area, consists of a large open terrace surrounded by a cantilevered pool with a ditch and railing, wide and deep enough for swimming. For this project, it was no longer a question of sublimating luxury as before, but rather of blending the house with its surroundings, as Nicholas Olsberg states: “Lautner’s homes took on radically new and varied forms as he moved towards the central theme of his career – how to use architecture to sublimate the domestic and domesticate the sublime”.