Diamonds are forever - mr. wint. and Mr. Kidd.

Bruce Glover, Putter Smith as Mr. Wint and Mr. Kidd are two actors playing the role of a couple in the film Diamonds Are Eternal. They are criminals killing those who get too close to diamonds like them. This duo will follow in the footsteps of James Bond. Their status is that of an employee of the terrorist Stavro Blofeld. This is why the SPECTRE organisation appears regularly. Their appearance is measured – dress is de rigueur. Whether before or after a murder, the characters retain a sense of inadvertence. Costumes and perfume, words and cynicism, controlled movements. The duo appears for the first time in the film by committing two murders, one using a scorpion and the other by blowing up a helicopter carrying one of the members of the smugglers’ network. Later, as Bond searches for the connection to the diamond network, they kill a teacher who is also used as a carrier pigeon for the organisation, drowning her in one of the Amsterdam canals and photographing her body, playing with the possibility of sending the photos to the teacher’s teenage pupils at her school. What is less well known is that these antagonists were originally created for the James Bond novel and not for the film. They were modelled by Ian Fleming, a writer and former British spy. The obvious difference from the film is that in the book both are hooded. Another point that is not in agreement is the fact that Mr Wint is scared to death of flying. He can be seen in the film flying. It is true that they are very detached from Blofeld, their supposed employer. The trio doesn’t share any scenes. Then, once Blofeld reappears, Mr. Wint and Mr. Kidd practically disappear until the final showdown.

if god had wanted man to fly, he would have given him wings, mr kidd.