Giacomo - Yakamoto Kotzuga.

Yakamoto Kotzuga, who can be heard through the soundtracks of series such as “Baby”, or for Vogue at the Paris Fashion Week is beginning to shine in Europe but also internationally. Yakamoto Kotzuga describes himself as a composer and sound designer. This last reference is not a vanity. His field of action is varied. Originally from Venice, he has collaborated for the Benetton group in documentaries and spots featuring them. In 2015, he signed with the Sugar label. Giacomo Mazzucato, his real name, shows the complexity of the environment that surrounds us. Emotions are heightened tenfold and we withdraw into ourselves. His compositions have so far been published by the Sugar label, and his latest album “Baby” has been released in more than a hundred countries around the world.


To begin with, here is a testimony of his beginnings: “I remember a time when I was disappointed by the people around me and I felt a little lost. I felt that the only good thing I could do at that time was music. So, in every free moment at school I spent playing and watching tutorials on YouTube. My first EP, Rooms Of Emptiness, I recorded it in three days when I came home from school with the flu. I sent it straight to Bad Panda Records and shortly afterwards they sent it to me. From there the first reviews came out and I started to do the first concerts. Maybe that’s when I started to think seriously that this is what I wanted to do”. Three years after his debut album ‘Usually Nowhere’ (2015), the 23-year-old Italian producer and composer Yakamoto Kotzuga is back with ‘Slowly Fading’. “Usually Nowhere’ stands in the middle of many paths: it’s not ambient, it’s not hip hop, it’s not conceptual music, let alone danceable; nowhere indeed. The result is at once personal, violent and fascinating.  Born from an A/V performance in collaboration with visual artist Furio Ganz and commissioned by the Venice Biennale, this project is divided into two parts (“Fading” and “Faded”), for a total of 45 minutes of music. The album is a reflection on the idea of temporality and its emotional consequences. “Slowly Fading” will be released by La Tempesta International on March 23rd 2018.

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