Guru Josh - Paul Walden.

Paul Walden, known as Guru Josh, is a British composer and DJ, with a strong House orientation. He started his career in London in 1980 to live from this passion after studying Odontology. Walden played the synthesizer at the Sands, a nightclub in Jersey. His first stage name was “Syndrone”, then “Animal and His Crazy Organs”. It was nine years after he released his hit “Infinity” which many of us will still recognize after hearing a few notes on the radio or TV. This hit was a huge success all over Europe. He will be back on top of the French charts for a fortnight in 2008. Originally, he said he became passionate about music after taking a pill of Ecstasy. It is less well known but Paul Walden was an artist. He used crystal as his creative material. He was recognised in his art in Europe and also in the world. One can still find a showcase of his earlier work by searching for his artist name “Louie Fabrix”. Coming back to music, Guru Josh Project is the name of the band he was part of but not of himself. The other two were producers: Darren Bailie and Anders Nyman. He died at the age of 51 in November 2015 in Ibiza, where he lived. According to his manager, he committed suicide. Circumstances remain troubled.

The words of his agent, Sharron Elkabas :

“Guru Josh was undoubtedly one of the greatest musicians in the whole business and an immensely creative and talented man. It is a pleasure to have known him and to have had the chance to work with him. He will be missed. RIP Paul Walden”. Paul Walden explained a few years ago: “But what do I want to do for the rest of my life, to continue producing waste? Music has been good for me, but now I am more enthusiastic about starting new businesses”. “I’m more of a crazy inventor than a musician. About a year ago, I patented a new invention that is currently being made in China. It’s a big secret, but you’ll soon find out. People say it’s the eyes of the next cat”.