La bush - temple of house.

At the following address Rue de Tournai 180, 7743 Pecq, Belgium is the “Temple Of House” the Bush. It is a Belgian Mega Dancing located 26 minutes from Lille in the Tournai area. At the themed evenings, we went from Trance, Techno and Jumpstyle which is a style linked to Hardstyle. Besides La Bush, it is a whole range of nightclubs which was famous. In the same town of Pecq where La Bush was located, there was the h2o, an emblem at the time. At the time, the clientele danced around the mythical fountain. DJs such as Binum, DJ Georges who worked at the Bush from 1994 to 2003, Dave Swayze or Laurent Top. Moreover, DJ Georges would have made the club one of the most famous in terms of music. Previously, the attendance had nothing to do with it. The Hardcore room was a flat for many clubbers. A facho-like atmosphere reigned but its closure later gave the premises a better reputation. A sobriety, a certain class emanated from the dancers in the rather well rated house room. An underground atmosphere and subdued lighting effects…


For many French border residents and some Belgians, this place represented freedom and euphoria. This freedom was an allegory for drugs, which, as in other similar places, were sold in all sorts of ways. But all this came to an n after the leakage of its practices in various local newspapers but also on a national scale with Jeudi investigation. Jeudi investigation for this report called upon the journalist Olivier Delacroix. He had infiltrated the discotheque posing as one of many clients. The discovery: Dozens of cars posted on the car park every weekend to sell their stock. Narco-tourism can be, without being deluded, a term to describe these phenomena. A wide range of drugs, notably Ecstasy, Cocaine, Speed. The aim is to give convincing facts and not an indictment. These places nowadays have little to do with their past anyway. The hierarchy itself “would have” sunk the box with dubious actions. After the death of Antoine Tomczak following an overdose of Ecstasy on 21 October 2006, research was carried out into the case.
carried out. According to a RTBF article dated 10 June 2010, a Brussels firefighter was sentenced by the Court of Mons to seven years in prison. This case led to the sentencing of David Staquet to 42 months in prison, half of which was suspended. “From 2005 to 2007, the stage fright of Marc De Block, head of the security service at the dance hall and the head of the drug stage fright, brought in 20,000 euros per month”. Only the director was not implicated, but strong suspicions were nevertheless raised about the role he could have played through this corrupt triangle. A large part of the lost clientele was in a sense not caused by the events of the past few years but rather by a societal change. The drop in attendance does not only concern the Bush, but Belgian dancings in general. There have been many cases of closures, as mentioned above, but also a clientele that is no longer able to pay an entrance fee. The establishment now belongs to the Pulse. Translated with (free version)