Milk Inc. of its essence was an electronic music group that was akin to Trance or Eurodance (a style with a meteoric rise in the 1990s). This group was at the end composed of Regi Penxten, Filip Vandueren, Linda Mertens. Formerly, Nikkie van Lierop, Soe Winters, Ann Vervoort. Ian Van Dahl, Lasgo, Sylver, Dee Dee and others with Milk Inc represented the time when Eurotrance was booming. An unconsciousness, a euphoria in which one would immerse oneself with pleasure during entire nights in crowded halls in Belgium. 


In 1996, the title La Vache was a great success in France and the United Kingdom. At that time, the band was made up of the singer Jade 4 U of her real name Nikkie Van Lierop and the producer of Milk Inc who were starting their performances in the UK and France. In 1997, a new single was released, “Free Your Mind”. That same year Jade 4 U was replaced by Soe Winters as she already belonged to another band. In 1998 Soe Winters was replaced by Ann Vervoort. Their debut album ” La Vache ” is released this year as ” Apocalypse Now ” for France. Their title In My Eyes was a great success in Belgium but a little less so in France. For this reason, the record company stops the contract they have with them. In 1999, several new titles including : Promise, Oceans, Losing Love. The band will win a TMF Awards for the best national dance band. In 2000, the song Walk On Water was released and the singer Ann Vervoort joined the band. She decided to leave the band to create a record company in Ibiza where her partner lives. Linda Martens then appeared in the band alongside Regi Penxten, becoming the new singer and the icon of future sounds to come, notably “Land Of The Living”. The album of the same name as the title is released within a year and becomes the 2nd album. In 2002, it is the appearance of the 3rd album under the name of ” Milk Inc “, minimalist. Many titles in the following years were at the top of the charts in Belgium. In 2007, they left their record company Antler Subway-EMI to move to ARS Entertainment, a subsidiary of Universal Music. In 2008, they released a new album “Forever”.

The rest will not be detailed since these years were the most beneficial for the group’s lighting. Although the album Nomansland in 2011 was a great success as well. The 1996 cover of La Vache entitled simply “La Vache 2013” was a huge success.