elrod house - palm springs

Maison Elrod - Palm Springs

John Lautner’s Arthur Elrod house, which has a dome-shaped concrete roof and a half-moon pool, like in the James Bond film Diamonds Are Forever. The residence is on an elevated site in the Araby Cove area of Palm Springs, facing north to dominate the city and the Coachella Valley beyond. Lautner completed the house in 1968 for American designer Arthur Elrod, who designed the interiors himself. The layout is centred on a circular living room 18 metres in diameter with an indoor and outdoor swimming pool. The space is covered by a huge wheel-shaped ceiling, formed by a set of alternating segments of glass and concrete, and wrapped with a metal strip on its outer edge. Light enters the ceiling through inclined metal fins that form frames for the glazing. Curved, sliding glass walls surround the front of the living space, opening onto a terrace and the swimming pool, both of which face the view. Elrod House is regarded as an example of organic architecture – a branch of modernism that is characterised by more natural forms than the usual rectangular plans of the style, and landscape elements incorporated into the buildings. Elrod House has also made its appearance on the big screen. A scene from the 1971 James Bond film Diamonds are Forever saw actor Sean Connery being thrown into his swimming pool by a bikini bodyguard.