Wallenstein Palace - Prague

Valdštejnský palác - Praha

The Wallenstein Palace was built in the 17th century on the site of the former palace Trčkovský. Designed as a magnificent building, it had to rival Prague Castle. As its name suggests, it was created by one of the greatest noblemen of the time – Albrecht of Wallenstein, a Czech politician and commander. Together with the palace, 23 houses and several gardens and brickworks were built. Several architects participated in the construction, including Andrea Spezza, who had worked in Germany, Poland and Austria. However, the information on who was involved in the construction is incomplete, as very few documents have been preserved. Nevertheless, the decoration of the Wallenstein palace comes from the hand of the sculptor of Rudolph II, who made many sculptures and fountains there. Today we can only find copies of them in the garden, as the originals were stolen by Swedish troops. The Wallenstein Palace complex consists of a residential area extending around the four courtyards, the stables, the Czernin atrium, a two-storey extended wing and the riding school surrounding the Wallenstein garden to the north-east. The garden is connected to an artificial stalactite wall with caves and an aviary.

Valdštejnské nám. 4, Prague, Czech Republic.