Régina louf - THE witness x1.

Régina Louf, Witness X1: In August 1997, the Dutroux case broke out in Belgium. Then the case of Witness X1 came up. A few days later, Régina Louf, who was 27 years old, testified to the police about what she had suffered. From her childhood to her adolescence, she would have been the victim of a network of child criminals. When the two little girls were found alive when Dutroux was arrested, Régina’s wish was to demonstrate to the investigators that those they had just arrested had been at it for a very long time. She recognized Marc Dutroux and was very shocked, she knew he was closely linked to her former life. Nihoul was for her an unalterable God. According to her, Dutroux was only the one who applied what he was ordered to do. Nihoul was the thinking head of this “network”. Dutroux took care of the drug supply and looked after the children. Jean-Marc Connerotte had launched an appeal which led to a dozen witnesses who were later called “witnesses X”. During the investigations, an investigator took Régina by car so that she could give the exact addresses of the places where this was taking place. He guided a second victim who did not know Regina to authenticate her revelations. He was struck by the fact that the houses pointed at were the same as those designated upstream by Miss Louf. The vices were tightened on businessmen, magistrates and lawyers. It evokes an interesting aspect. It is the fact that, for her, it was on purpose to give as many people involved back to the network as possible to feed and support the anxiety of revelation. It was necessary to harass as many people useful for the health of the group as possible, legal personalities. An example of incorporation: Pimps would intoxicate men with alcohol. They did everything they could to convince them to go and see prostitutes. They made them believe that these girls were adults. The girls used their charm to persuade the protagonists to make love to them (or risk being beaten if they refused). The go-betweens filmed them without their knowledge and told them their real age. They found themselves stuck in a spiral. A new team of gendarmes is launching a counter-investigation into the investigation itself! New investigators who rule out the possibility of a network… Unbelievable summaries in the stories and changes in the hearings distorting all the evidence. Disciplinary investigations on the gendarmes and refusal of social promotion to become an officer. Confiding is essential for witnesses X1: “I was filmed. The photos and films were ordered by people who decided on the scripts themselves. The kind of children, abuse and torture they wanted to see. There were also commercial photos and films that simply had to be distributed to a much more conventional paedophile network. “The behaviour of the individuals is embodied: “All these years I was abused by the same men. And I could see how little by little they were pushing the limits. In the beginning it was classic sexual intercourse. Then they want more and a few months later they ask for torture. Child abuse allows these men to release all their frustration. It is also a form of absolute power over children who cannot run away. Then we moved on to children kidnapped in the street. They were terrified and the abusers liked it. Taking children off the streets was a huge risk but it made the game even more exciting. 

The daily life of regina louF.

Régina Louf devant le tribunal.

Régina louf.

Marc Dutroux arrêté par la Police.

Marc dutroux.

Regina lived with her grandmother in Knokke, a Belgian seaside resort. She was entrusted to her grandmother because she was supposedly difficult. She was conditioned from an early age to consider herself a whore. She had to be “trained”. This was passed on from generation to generation in her family. Her grandmother had forced her mother into sexual acts with men. A grandmother who taught her to give oral sex with the help of a bottle of lemonade. She would undress her for long minutes in an ice bath. She tied her to a bed to take her to the first man, blamed him for being touched by a man without replying, making her feel dirty. She now works on a farm near Ghent during the day and spends her nights auditioning to confide in him. “You can do anything with a child of 4 or 5 years old or even younger…I remember one day, I really struggled, they put themselves at 6 to hold me…fellatio, vaginal rape, anal rape…”. After classes at 4pm, she had to give herself back to these men. She had already confided in her class teacher. Fewer than the men but still present, many women were there. A certain Tony was constantly abusing her. Her grandmother, equal to herself, handed her over to her again, telling her that it would belong to her. The lasting after-effects were proven by a college of 5 psychiatrists demonstrating the prolonged consequences, including multiple personalities. She dissociated herself from her body so as not to live the moments she was enduring.