Palazzo Barberini - Rome

Palazzo Barberini - Roma

Situated in the square of the same name, Piazza Barberini, the Barberini Palace is Carlo Maderno’s final destination. Like many other buildings, it was designed to meet the expectations of the Catholic Church. At that time, it was a commission from Pope Urban VIII, who had bought the land in 1625. The reason why this palace is so well known is that it had to appeal to its two historical rivals, Bernini and his contemporary Borromini. A covetousness that is not only the result of a conflict between two architects. Among the most famous elements of the palace are the spiral staircase by Francesco Borromini and a gigantic fresco called “The Triumph of Divine Providence”, a masterpiece by Peter of Cortona. This work is located in the great hall of the palace. Like many great families in those days, the paintings served to glorify their name. Barberini is also the exhibition of many major works because the State acquired this palace to make it the National Gallery of Ancient Art. You can find there many works such as those of Raphael, Caravaggio or Valentin de Boulogne. A place not to be missed in Rome.

Via delle Quattro Fontane, 13, Roma, Italia.