A tunnel under the Berlin Wall - tunnel 57.

Tunnel 57: An escape is in progress in May 1964: a tunnel under the Berlin Wall, below the death track and guards. In April 1964, a group of students from the Technical University of Berlin met to dig an 11-metre shaft from a house in West Berlin and then a 145-metre long tunnel to a building on the other side to the west. The tunnel is 75 square metres in size and is therefore very narrow for anyone who wants to use it. For the sake of discretion, the mounds of earth are piled directly into the subsoil. There is almost no air and it is difficult to work to create a sufficiently large hole. The teams took turns not to trigger mistrust. Time elapses until the digger feels a source of fresh air. It also evokes the fact that the earth is soft. He drills one last hole and raises a mirror to check whether the opening was secure. He sees that it leads to the courtyard of a house. Knowing the west side, he meets one last time to plan their escape with a messenger from the west. On October 3, 1964, the students set off for 10 long minutes. Within two days, no less than 57 oppressed people from the east regained their freedom. On the second evening, an unexpected event occurred: border guards, under the orders of the Stasi, went to the house after one of their own had been betrayed. They soon find the tunnel and ask the students to stop and intercept them. One of the students fired a shot to warn of their presence. The guards retaliate by shooting back, but it is a stray bullet that will kill one of the guards. They rush vigorously towards the western exit so as not to perish.

Tunnel 57.

A tunnel had already been built in vain. In 1962, after three weeks of construction work, the passage under the S-Bahn underground station collapsed under the strain of traffic. All this just a few metres from the entrance. It is now called the “Wollankstra├če Tunnel”.

" Starting point: 97 Bernauer Strabe - a disused bakery. Arrival point: 55, Strelitzer Strabe - a wooden hut in the courtyard of a house".