Maxime, who is part of a group of friends, spends an evening with them in a chalet. Among them, there is Matthias, a man who has settled down: an executive in a company and in couple with his girlfriend Sarah. After a bet, he has to kiss Maxime in a film directed by √Črika, a friend of the group. However, this kiss is going to cause a shock to the two friends, especially Matthias. Matthias will question his person, his identity, which he will find very difficult to change. He will go through a period of downtime and will end up breaking up the group of friends without them being able to know the reason why. Maxime, for his part, seems ready to live this story and will be the most enterprising: although he sometimes seems to doubt his sexual identity as well. This film tries to deconstruct the labels we wish to give to ourselves in order to try to get to know ourselves. The intelligence of the script lies in the fact that these labels are not given by others but by the protagonists themselves. It makes us reflect on the non-necessity of having to impose an atrophied vision of our sexuality on ourselves. The beauty of the film lies in the apposition of this carnal environment between the two men who do everything to avoid each other at all costs. The film is also realistic about the relationship between these two men, which is why it is so long. The taming and the quest for oneself does not take a week or a month. The theme was brilliantly respected.¬†

group of all the friends in matthias' mother's living room (2019).